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Detailed Strategy and Plan of Action for European/White Victory


The Situation
At the moment all countries built by people of European descent either have a non-European majority or are rapidly moving towards that because of mass organized immigration or because of the growth of historical non-european populations. Sooner or later this will lead to a genocide of people of European descent, either by violence instigated by the organizers of the mass immigration or simply because of the large differences in fertility rates.  Either way, this will eventually lead to a collapse of our societies and of civilization itself, with catastrophic consequences for our people.
To stop the growth of the non-european populations in our countries without causing civil racial wars, we need to act before these people become a majority or a sizable minority. This only gives a window of opportunity of 2-3 years at most.
Another deadly issue facing all our countries is the impeding collapse of the jewish international monetary system. This system is a scam which creates new money as debt only (watch “Money as Debt” to familiarize yourself with the way the scam works). This means that in order to avoid a collapse of the system, new debt must be constantly created to pay off the interest on already existing debt. This means that GDPs, export markets and the use of natural resources must always grow to accommodate the ever-increasing levels of debt. The system has many bottlenecks, of which the availability of new export markets for the countries where the system is controlled from and the willingness and/or ability of the public and private sectors to take on more debt are immediate dangers.
Export markets are needed because western economies are over-saturated with products and those markets cannot satisfy the need for GDPs to continually grow to pay off the new debt and keep the scam going, so new export markets need to be found. The first time this bottleneck was reached, in the ‘80s, communist countries of Eastern Europe were “opened up” and used as new markets and sources for natural resources. Today there are no new markets to open up to “free trade” and exploit.
The indebtedness-bottleneck is also just around the corner. Those watching the system over the last few years will have realized that the consumers and world governments are increasingly unwilling to take on more debt, and at the moment the system is artificially kept alive by the central banking cartel. The international monetary system looks like a terminally ill patient giving its last breath.
At the moment most wealth flowing to the West is dependent on the international monetary scam – the West acquires natural resources and pays for them with phony debt money because their counter-parties are controlled by the international legal and monetary systems and cannot issue their own currency. The moment the monetary system collapses this flow would stop and given the hatred of the West of all of these people, countries of people of European descent will most likely be isolated or will have to pay with real tangible products for their imports. Since most western countries have very little natural resources left and cannot sustain their levels of consumption without the international monetary scam, the fall of this monetary system will lead to unprecedented chaos and it is the biggest threat facing us.
Coupled with civil racial wars started by non-european populations, the collapse of the international monetary system will lead to the complete demise of most people of European descent.

The Movement

The Patriots
This is the first time in history when the very existence of people of European descent is in danger and we only have a few years left to prevent this. Time is not on our side. It does not matter that the general population is slowly becoming aware of the ongoing genocide against it because by the time this awareness-raising reaches enough people, people of European-descent will already be in a minority in their own countries and any resistance will lead to civil war. The fate of civilization itself lies in the hands of the few real patriots willing to sacrifice their time, their freedom and their lives for their people. Today!
By joining a movement intent on saving your people, which can only happen if the puppets in power and their puppeteers are replaced, you will be a direct threat to these people and therefore expose yourself to persecution, financial hardships, imprisonment or even death. If you do not understand that this is the last chance to save your people and are not ready to suffer for them, you can leave this website right now.
No revolution in the history of humanity, peaceful or not, has been started by the masses. Every major change has been brought by a handful of good or bad people willing to make personal sacrifices for a common goal. During the French Revolution for example, 99% of French people stayed at home and minded their own business. As we speak, the majority of German people are wholeheartedly welcoming the flood of fake refugees in their country. This movement is not intent on reaching the masses for any purposes except for attracting the few real patriots among them.
We will be one of that handful of people willing to make personal sacrifices for a common goal. We are not seeking recognition from the public or rewards of any kind; we will not have fancy costumes and parades; we will not even know each others’ names. We are men who have dedicated our existence to our people without waiting for nothing in return. Join this movement if you are eager to commit social suicide, to be bankrupted, to be beaten and spat on, to spend time without a roof on your head and food to eat, just to be able to go home to a freed country, the country that your ancestor built and wanted you to have, or die trying.
This movement is for people that are already willing to expose themselves to persecution, for example by participating in (pointless) nationalist marches and being members of a (controlled opposition) nationalist party. We are channeling our energy away from these useless activities towards the only solution left – going for power. The costs to an individual can indeed be high, but the costs of not acting or doing pointless things like supporting Controlled-Opposition groups/individuals or trolling the internet are the death of civilization and the extinction of your people. This is what Patriotism is – sacrificing yourself for your people, so that other Patriots can pick up your flag and continue your fight until the war is won. For a true Patriot, there is nothing more liberating than knowing he suffered for his people, that he did not stand by watching his country destroyed. Pain is the Patriot’s reward. Persecuted patriots are free of guilt and the only ones truly free.
The Christian Character
There will be no association with any external group or individual. In emergency cases, if in a particular country our members are not strong enough, alliances may be made with a group known not to be Controlled Opposition, only if this group agrees to adhere to every issue outlined here and on the “Global Reforms” page. The three most important (and non-negotiable) changes we need to make are the replacement of the monetary system with a system based on sound-money and of pseudo-Democracy with an electoral system which does not allow for infiltration of undesirable people, and an international debate on religions, cults, superstitions and faiths of any kind. This debate will be the #1 goal of our movement (see the Global Reforms page for details) and will ban all faiths that can be proven to be man-made or are not compatible with European moral values.
Our Enemy can infiltrate any kind of group and put on all kinds of masks. To control the "awakened" people, he has to pretend to be "awakened" too - he will blame jews for everything, he will deny hoaxes, praise the superior race, mock other races, claim to be the most ardent nationalist, etc just to get to influence these "awakened" people and make them stay peaceful and follow controlled opposition parties and people. But there is one thing the Enemy will never do - pretend to be a biblical Christian. He cannot and will never be a biblical Christian. This is the one test he will never pass and this kind of Movement is the only one he will never be able to control.
Europe was built by Christians and the Christian morals are the only ones compatible with the European culture. This will be a movement led bybiblical Christians and will be lead according to the Christian principles that shaped our societies. For example, when dealing with the mass-immigration issue of Europe, a Christian leader would choose to send all 1st and 2nd generation immigrants back home, but not without alsoabolishing the jewish international legal and monetary systems which keep those countries in artificial poverty, thus allowing those immigrants to rebuild their own countries free from foreign intervention.
The only members of our movement which need to be biblical Christians are the leaders. Everyone else can adhere to any faith they wish, but it would be immensely beneficial if regular members would try to be biblical Christians as well. The manipulators of the public mind know that only strong-willed people are ready to fight and give up their lives for their people. A person that is being distracted by all kinds of thoughts and desires - food, sex, cigarettes, drinks, attention from others, deviant practices, etc is not strong-willed, but a slave to these cheap distractions and cannot be counted on. If you want to be the men your forefathers were, act like them – they were not slaves of ephemeral pleasures. A biblical Christian is simply a person that is continuously trying to be a better person, mind body and soul and has faith that Jesus Christ was the Messiah – churches, priests, rituals, etc are not biblical. Such a person can be trusted, will give their life for their people and will take the fairest decisions.
If you don’t like it, you can wait until we have that debate on religions and you’ll have your chance to have a go at Christianity and help ban it. You’re also free to move to a society built by non-Christians, such as Cambodia or Pakistan.
Names & Symbols
Patriots don’t need symbols and flags to do their duties, other than the name of their people and their flag. The symbols of individual country groups will be their national flags and their names will simply be “The X People”. The symbol for France for example will be the French flag and their name “The French People”. This will keep undesirable pseudo-nationalists away and will also make it hard for the media to lie to the public.
The global coalition of these country-movements will have no name and no symbol.
Any nationalist symbol or flag will be forbidden. All such symbols have been compromised by decades of brainwashing and they can easily be used to deceive people about our movement.
The global  nature
Not all of our countries face the same problems, but all will share the same destiny if nothing gets done soon. For example, even though Eastern Europe is not receiving that many non-european immigrants, the growth of the gypsy population has the same effects. And even though some countries have more natural resources than others, they will all have to deal with the catastrophic consequences of a collapse of the monetary system. Therefore there is a need for unity between all people of European descent worldwide before and after a hypothetical takeover of our governments. Stopping and reversing the effects of the growth of the non-european populations has to be a joint effort, while a common foreign trade strategy in order to acquire natural resources after the change of the monetary system is critical.
But the most important reason to have unity is that if a single country breaks free it will be easy for our enemies to deceive the population through the media and either isolate it economically to starve it of natural resources or cause internal conflicts in order to destabilize that country and infiltrate the opposition and take it over, or start a full out war on it. But if more than one country broke free at the same time, including a western one where our enemies have their home bases, it will be practically impossible for them to come up with excuses for a violent reprisal. If our movement succeeded simultaneously in France, America and Poland for example, it would not only be impossible for their media apparatus to brainwash the population, but would also make it a lot easier for the rest to follow. That is why the only way we can save our countries is if we all unite and synchronize our actions.
After a hypothetical successful liberation of our countries, the only areas where we must cooperate concerns the foreign trade policy (acquisition of natural resources) coupled with a joint research programme to move economies away from technologies which use scarce resources, and a common defense policy.
When the movement becomes a threat for the establishment, be prepared for a negative media campaign, false accusations brought upon the leaders, etc. Ignore these and focus on the job, our target are Patriots not the masses.

The Website
Online nationalist boards are filled with keyboard warriors which to their misfortune have become aware of the fate awaiting their people, but are too cowardly to fight for them and are seeking safety in numbers, giving themselves a pat on the back telling each other that there is no need to force change and that “awareness-raising” is the way to go even though it is clear to them that the situation is escalating too fast for awareness-raising to make any difference in the near future. This strategy was good while we were in few numbers. We are close to reaching the point of no return however and trolling the internet is not only useless, it would interfere with the work of the real patriots joining our movement. Therefore, the only discussions allowed will be about :
  • how to get to power,
  • what to do when we get to power.
Anyone trying to steer the discussion towards useless debates on topics such as irrelevant  news analysis, history, racial issues, etc will be banned. We don’t need to know how the system works, we only need to end it and replace it with something better. We don’t need to know how they got to power, we just need to remove them. We don’t need to know why and how non-europeans will destroy the superior European civilization, we just need to prevent it. All the other topics can be discussed (and the masses educated) once we are in power and the state media is free to report on these issues. Right now we are too close to the point of no return to afford to waste time on anything except on how to get to power and what to do once we’re there. Trolls will therefore be reported, banned and discouraged from rejoining by the IT team.
Do not join this website unless you are willing to travel to Moscow, or Dublin, or Reykjavik and die for those foreign people, knowing they would do the same for your people. It is best if we have 1-2000 people per country and every single one of them turns out for a meeting when summoned, than having 1-2,000,000 trolls and only 50-100 showing up when asked. In these times, when the truth is coming out and there are millions of people around the world that know the real history and present of their countries, keeping them trolling instead of fighting is the best thing the Establishment could hope for. They only need to keep “awakened” people trolling and supporting Controlled Opposition puppets for a few more years until non-europeans are in a majority. When that happens they won’t care what people of European descent know about them, they would have won the war.

Leaving power in the hands of 1 individual is dangerous. One of the reforms we will propose will thus be the abolishment of typical presidential and monarchic institutions; the country will be lead by a group of 3/5/7 prime-ministers with equal powers. This will also be how our movements will be lead. The initial temporary moderators/leaders will be chosen by the Admins from the first few people that join the movement. Once a country movement grows large enough (100+ people) they will have a face-to-face meeting and elect 5 leaders, based on their backgrounds and online activity. These 5 leaders will replace the initial moderators, which will become simple participating members. As new people join the movement new leaders can be elected after similar background checks. Remember – the leaders have to be people who try to be biblical Christians. If these are not available in your Country Group you have to actively look for them. For example, a priest that is ready to renounce his catholic/orthodox/protestant upbringing and live solely by the Bible would be a good leader. The rest of the team will analyze problems and present the leaders with the solutions and the leaders will make the decision.
Total anonymity is impossible online. Infiltration from undesirable people will be unavoidable. It will be the responsibility of every member to study the online behavior of each member (especially the leaders) and report them to the moderators or the Admins (these have already been checked) for expulsion from the movement. The Fighting unit will have their own orders with regards to infiltrators and traitors. It is crucial that you learn to identify tiny attempts at changing the narrative or misleading people - the only way they can infiltrate and manipulate movements of "awakened" people is by posing as nationalists; they will pretend to be the best patriots ever, they will curse the jews, praise Hitler, mock "inferior races", pretend to be Christian etc - everything they expect a patriot to do, just to be able to get to a position of influence. There are dozens of "nationalist" websites led by such people online. Anyone who goes against what is mentioned on this page and on the Global Reforms page will be treated as suspect and investigated.
Every member will be required to publicize the movement online and attract new Patriots. This will be the first sacrifice you do for your people - you will use your spare time to spam the internet in English and any other language you speak. Don’t worry if by posting 10,000 messages you only attract 1,000 people to the website of which only 100 join, of which only 10 are real Patriots. These 10 people are the ones we need, that handful of people that make changes in history.
Do not post anything if you have not read the information presented on the website's pages and forums a few times and familiarized yourself with it. Do not post/comment if you have nothing constructive to add. Do not post without supporting all your claims with evidence and/or logic.
No xenophobic attitudes toward morally and intellectually inferior races will be allowed. Our job is to find solutions for our problems and implement them, not to disrespect others – this is a Christian movement. Every comment/post you make should be about the two topics outlined above – how to get to power and what to do once we’re there. Nothing else matters at this point in time. Keep the discussion relevant and constructive, we don’t have time to waste.
There will also be no discussion of the jewish problem. Everyone is aware that among the people that are causing the destruction of our countries jews are overrepresented. Who these people are, what they want and how they do it should not concern you. The only thing you need to know about them is that they have to go. Having a discussion about the jews is counterproductive – it can be used by the media manipulators to deceive the population and it also drives the population away. People want their perceived problems solved, they don’t want to hear about another, secret and dangerous problem they have. The masses can be educated later, once power is secured and the press is free. Once in power the jewish problem will be solved the Christian way – no violence, hatred, persecution :
  • if a fair legal system is drawn out, implemented and applied, all jews that have done something wrong will be punished and all jews that have not done anything wrong will not be touched, like any other citizen.
  • The debate on religions will abolish all forms of Judaism since all of them are either man-made or not compatible with European moral values. Thus all forms of Judaism will disappear within one generation.
However, the fighting unit will have to keep updated lists of such dangerous individuals and their expected locations.

The “Global Reforms” page presents the reforms that will be implemented by all movements, in all participating countries. These are non-negotiable reforms and anyone arguing against them after they have been agreed on and published there will be treated as suspect. For example, the main reforms – the abolishment of our current electoral systems and of the international monetary system will only be fought by disingenuous individuals, since they are the #1 tools of control and their abolishment means that nobody will be able to control our governments and economies.
The “Global Forum” will be used to debate reforms that might be applicable across the board, in all participating countries. When we reach an agreement the Admins will be informed and the proposals will be published on the “Global Reforms” page. The Global Forum will also contain a topic where the all members of the Fighting Unit will be able to discuss. This entry will be deleted once the Fighting Unit has its own website.
The “Country Reforms” page is where reforms that are country-specific but might be good candidates for global implementation will be published by the Admins, at the proposal of a specific country group. A new topic will also be created in the “Global Forum” for these proposals to be debated.
The “Country Forums” are forums for each country group, where reforms specific to individual participating countries will be discussed. The discussion here can take place in the native language but if a proposal is made for a reform to be published on the “Country Reforms” page it will have to be translated into English. Each country forum will have a topic where the Fighting Unit of that specific country will meet and discuss. This entry will be deleted once the Fighting Unit has its own website. Important findings and proposals that can help other Fighters from other countries will also be posted in English in the Fighting Unit’s topic of the Global Forum. If your are the first member from your country and there is no Forum for your country, inform the Admins and one will be created.
Every country group needs to open a topic in their country's forum where the "About" page and the reforms outlined on the "Global Reforms" page are translated into their own languages. Also open a topic in your country forum where you will translate the "Country Reforms" page, in case these reforms do not get to be included in the "Global Reforms" page, but can be applied to your country.
“Fighters” is a presentation page of the Fighting Unit. It will describe the nature and purpose of the Unit, its main goals and methods and other relevant information. This page will be deleted once the Fighting Unit has its own website.
“Donate” this page will be deleted if we decide not to look for financial support, or contain the necessary details otherwise.
“News” is a page where important announcements will be made by the Admins or by country leaders.

A Romanian IT team will initially manage and protect the website. Other IT experts that can prove they are trustworthy can join the IT team.
The website(s) might be moved to a more recognizable domain name in the future.

The Fighting Unit
The Government that betrays its people and makes peaceful revolution impossible, makes a response from the Fighting Unit inevitable. Details on the "Fighters" page.

Unless you agree with every single word on this page and with the reforms proposed on the Global Reforms page,
you are not welcome here. 

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