Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Anonymous argues for strategy of "flooding" the pro-white message until our opponents become "fatigued" at opposing it, and accept its legitimacy

Source: Daily Stormer comments

This has liberals and jews in a panic and it should have them in a panic. Those who seek to end the ongoing genocide of whites are today treated as gays were once treated . They are social outcasts, pariahs. How did gays change their social status? By screaming gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay the point where people became bored with the whole subject. Once boredom sets in then one has achieved an acceptance. When the jews controlled the media, they could continue this barrage until they had worn people down. It never would have happened otherwise. Hopefully I am not triggering anyone with this analysis, I am not claiming a moral equivalency between the two, just a similar social resistance, a similar shock value.
The marxists turned our world upside down. Murderers can not be executed, Child sex is promoted while people who refuse to bake a cake for some fags are imprisoned, Murderers can not be executed but millions of babies are slaughtered by abortion,white genocide is being championed all over the world while the murderous and raping rampages of the mud people are being praised as a rightful challenge to "white privilege". Yes, the marxists are trying to destroy white people and have convinced many whites that they deserve what they are getting. The marxist media has vilified whites and incited violence against us. It is waging WAR on us and has been for some time. They vilify us yet no other race on this earth has been as altruistic as whites. No other vilification in the history of the world is more undeserved and no other vilification has been as big a lie as the vilification of whites. Whites have been the most altruistic and generous race ever to walk the face of the earth.Whites have been the most resourceful and brilliant race to ever have walked the face of the earth. In reality, we are vilified for our success, our ability to create wealth and technology that other races could never have dreamed of. WE are told that our wealth and prosperity is due to stealing from the muds, but how could that be? The muds never created what we are said to have stolen, and they never could recreate it if we disappeared.
History is full of tales of conquering hordes such as the Mongols that totally wiped out huge populations. The example of ancient Rome, where the conquered were allowed to become citizens of the Roman empire is something that is limited only to European peoples. Mesoamericans used their conquered people and use them as human sacrifices. African tribes did nothing but prey on each other in a violent and cannibalistic fashion, living in a mud hut existence for millennium , until whites entered Africa. Chinese history is full of incidents where whole territories were virtually depopulated in a brutal fashion. The "killing fields" of Cambodia was not just a marxist phenomenon, it was something Asians have done repeatedly over their history, only this time the politics were marxist. The history of the moslem world is one of repeated massacres, the Wahabis being only the most virulent group doing this, but certainly not the only group. It is endemic to their religion and the world they create. We have poured trillions of dollars into third world countries. We have created industries that harvested the raw materials in their lands and then just gave those industries to the indigenous peoples. They would never have developed those industries themselves.We have taken the great shining world whites built for ourselves and are in the process of giving it to non deserving , low IQ, criminal, violent brown people who will never be able to maintain what we have built. People that instead of being grateful, end up hating us even more and desiring our eradication even more strongly.
So it is time, it is time to start flooding society with our name, our symbols, our self defense. IT is time that we do this to the point where the media programmed knee jerk shock reaction is totally disabled. At that point , we will have won. A repeated stimulus will, at some point ,stop causing a reaction. This is how we disable the brain washed programming, we continually trigger it. Fatigue sets in, then the person can look at the statements and arguments in a rational way. The self destruction that the jews have programmed white societies with is not rational, self destruction never is rational. Disable the brainwashing, eliminate the purely emotional reaction to white nationalism and survival ,and we win.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016