Sunday, October 4, 2015

Feminism as a key weapon to destroy European civilization and people

Source: Daily Stormer

The Evil of the Nationalist Patriarchy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2015

We have to shut them down.

The core of the Jewish takeover of Western society is feminism. And when I say “feminism,” I am not referring to some hardcore group of “radical feminists.”
I am referring merely to the standard definition.
The definition that you get when you type “define:feminism” into Google.

It is literally the original sin.

Women should not have equality, and they should not have “rights.” Giving them things which seem reasonable, such as the right to vote, is inevitably the beginning of a death spiral.
Feminism was the first revolution. The sex revolution, the race revolution, the immigration revolution, the gay revolution and on and on forever were the result of the feminist revolution.
Of course Jews were responsible. No one debates that point, other than cuckservatives like Gavin “Have You Met My Wife, Tyrone?” McInnes.
But it is through women that the Jews have accomplished all of their goals. If women were not allowed to inject their hysterical emotional gibberish into the popular discourse, we would be able to fix these problems. Men would be able to sit down with each other, discuss the issues, and come to a consensus about logical courses of action.
Politics, economics and sociology are sciences. Or rather, they should be, and if White males and only White males were in charge of managing them, they would be.
Instead, we have women injecting their nonsense into every sector of Western life. And not only do they inject nonsense, they also become spiteful – outright hateful even – towards anyone who attempts to counter their gibberish with logic and reason.
We have then allowed them to use sex – or the lie that you are going to get sex from them – to fully manipulate males into dancing around with them on this Möbius strip of “well what if…”
There cannot be “equality among the sexes.”
There can be only male dominance over women, which is what we had all through recorded history, back into prehistory, or there can be what we have now, which is female dominance over men.
Take your pick.
My advice to men looking to fight feminism: just start telling women what to do. If they protest, look them in the eye directly, hold it until she breaks the stare contest, then shake your head and walk away.

Man tip: Always visualize yourself as Conan. Believe this is how you are perceived by those around you. Your life will change.

Do not do this at work or you will be charged with harassment. Just do it everywhere else.
Also, most importantly: never, ever, ever, ever let yourself be intimidated or afraid of a woman. Always look at her as below you. Because she is below you. That is the way God and/or Nature made it.
And they want it that way! They only feel safe when they feel men are in control. They are no different in this way than children. Can you remember being a child? If you had a father, do you remember him being in control, and the feeling of safety you had by knowing he was in control?
This is no different for adult women.
“Daddy issues” is a codeword for “lack of male authority”

Please note that I am against being mean or abusive toward women. I, of course, believe they should be respected and cared for – again, like children. Jews have managed to conflate male authority over women with abuse. But is adult authority over children abuse? Surely, it could potentially be, but as a rule it is not. Most parents have no desire to abuse their children – just so, most men have no desire to abuse their women.
Female abuse, like child abuse, is a deviancy, and it is a very rare deviancy. This is not what any anti-feminist is talking about. Just as no “racist” is talking about purposefully abusing non-Whites. It is all a gigantic scam, a Jewish distortion.
Keep your chin up, boys.

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