Sunday, June 26, 2016

Europe Invaded 2015

Title of video in YouTube: "Europe Invaded 2015"

About video:

"I am proud to be Asian" - said the Asian
"I am proud to be African" - said the African
"I am proud to be Jewish - said the Jew
"I am proud to be an Arab" - said the Arab

"I am proud to be European" - said the evil, racist, homophobe, white, intolerant, right-wing, hateful antisemitic supremacist Nazi oppressor

The indigenous population of Europe and Americans with European ancestry are slowly dying due to birth rates far below replacement level - the result of a deliberate attempt of the government, which no longer represents its own people - to completely wipe out Europeans and replace it with foreigners.

Cultural Marxism is destroying all values that made Europe into what it is today: Through radical feminism, consumerism, homosexualization, apathy, self-censorship and political correctness, degeneracy and pornography, moving away from traditional values, giant scale import of foreigners and indoctrination of a guilt-culture it is killing what is left of the European population.

Every year, millions of so-called "refugees"; Young, Central African men and Muslims loaded with testosterone, bring their cultural enrichment to Europe in the form of rape epidemics, murders, robberies, littering and harassing and beating up Europeans. Their fertility is magnitudes higher than that of native Europeans, so whites being a minority in nearly all European countries by 2050 is guaranteed.

This "diversity"-insanity is happening only in white countries - nobody is forcing the Chinese, Africans, Arabs or Jews to become more "culturally diverse". Cultural diversity means nothing more than hunting down the last white person.

Multiculturalism will go down in future history books as the biggest genocide and biological experiment in human history. If we do not act now, we will be nothing more than a remnant of the past. No other culture has ever shown tolerance to anybody except whites, so we will not be met with any tolerance once we become the minority.

Whoever supports Multiculturalism has either been indoctrinated by leftist propaganda and state TV

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Refuse to apologize for the alleged "sins" of European-Western history. No more "white guilt"

Via Daily Stormer

A very beautifully edited and inspirational video from our top Nazi film maker, Omniphi.
In a short and powerful message, he glorifies our achievements and exposes the agenda of those who’d try to make us feel “guilty” for them.
Spread this around and cure your friends of their “White guilt”!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Truth Will Be The Victor

"In the end, truth shall be the victor in this struggle.  The truth is with us."

Title of video in YouTube: "Truth Will Be The Victor"

Thursday, June 16, 2016

IMMIGRATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE: Demographic Gerrymandering and Death of America (and all European and Western nations)


Judging by the latest polls and what I am seeing there seems to be a huge problem with the topic of immigration. This is sad. This is the most important issue of our lives folks.
The bottom-line is this immigrants vote 2:1 forDemocrats over Republicans and Hispanics vote 7:3. Unless immigration is fixed there will be no Republican Party in 8 or definitely 16 years. That means everything is lost: lower taxes, smaller government, secure borders, 2nd amendment, abortion, terrorism, EVERYTHING. This is the fundamental truth the media wants to ignore. This is demographic gerrymandering on an international scale.
From what I have seen, a lot of people say either “well that is the GOP’s fault for not appealing to immigrants” or “everyone is an immigrant so we need more immigration” I think these are both faulty statements.

Number 1) GOPs fault for not appealing to immigrants

Immigrants that are poor require a lot of money in social aid until they contribute more to the system than they take out. So this goes in the complete opposite direction of lowering taxes and cutting spending. In California they spend over $20B a year on illegal aliens. To put this in context that is enough money for everyone in California to get a free public college education. Or twice the cost of the Trump Wall. With amnesty and more immigrants that number will go even higher. This is economically unsustainable and we are seeing this in countries such as Sweden. We cannot accept an infinite amount of immigrants and any restrictions will brand the GOP as anti-immigrant. Sadly nuance does not seem to exist cuz muh compassion.
Even more important people don’t assimilate as soon as they step foot on America. Some do. Others cling onto their own values. If they come from socialist countries they might want bigger govt and believe corporations are evil. Lots of these countries ban guns and they’ll bring that attitude with them as well e.g. Piers MorganGOP changing itself for immigrants is cuck. They need to assimilate to us, not the other way around.

Number 2) We are all immigrants and that is what made America great.

This is the most cancerous fairy tale told to children.
The truth is there is no evidence of America being successful as a truly diverse, multiethnic nation. NONE.We are heading into uncharted waters. In my opinion this wouldn’t be a problem if our race relations weren’t such shit.

Number 3) Cultural Marxism / SJW / Feminism / Subversion "Social Justice"

We are in the most racially polarized in American history since the Civil Rights Era: see BLM. For a long time the Democrats accused Republican of dog whistle politics however today it’s clear the Democrats have problems with racism. I’ve seen people say, “only white people can be racist” and “no black person is racist.” These are racist statements and the progressives believe this. Instead of judging no one by their skin color or sexuality, they flipped the script. Instead of believing (all) black people are super predators, now it’s (all) white people are privileged. Regressive Left has attributed the same social status to Whites as Nazi’s did to Jews: they are the root cause of all the world’s problems. This is incredibly dangerous. They are segregating us based on race, skin color and gender. (NO ISLAM IS AN IDEOLOGY, LIKE COMMUNISM, NOT A RACE FOR PEOPLE TRYING TO MAKE FALSE COMPARISON) I've even seen a Black person claiming Trump want's to send all Black people back to Africa and telling another black person he is a traitor to his race Totally False and so divisive! The Democrats are associating the absolute worst traits with the Republicans. Our race relations have developed into stereotypes. We cannot work out our differences. This is sad!
SJWs even brought back the term “people of color.” No one has said “colored people” since the 60s. This is segregation language. What’s interesting is the 60s generation was the first generation to be subverted. They rebelled against their parents and in hindsight they were right about Civil Rights and Vietnam War but they kept questioning every social norm to the point of rewriting history:
Founding fathers such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson are bad for being slave owners. White settlers are evil for killing Native Americans, despite them fighting each other before settlers arrived. Nuking Japan didn't save American and Japanese lives in a ground invasion; it was a war crime, Americans should feel guilt over slavery and colonization despite the fact Americans ended it and slavery has existed for thousands of years. Nazi’s were evil for killing jews same as Crusaders were evil for fighting Islam, even though they save Europe from Islam. Even Bill Clinton's 90s crime bill was discriminatory despite it being cheered at the time for lowering crime.Everything that does not fit the current political correct agenda is being rewritten. It's some 1984, Mao’s Red Guard brainwashing and it'll stop future immigrants from assimilating into America and disenfranchise (subvert) millions of kids.
The Hippies counter-culture rebellion ended with the Reagan Revolution but now that older generation died they are now in power: in the media, the news and the presidency i.e. President Obama. This is why SJW craze is accelerating today and it will destabilize society by pitting everyone against each other.


In 40 years the Tumblr generation will be in power, America will have 64m more immigrants (43m more Democratic voters vs 22m Republican) combined with the SJW college education they'll have total control of the Congress and Supreme Court. Many of these people don’t believe in the 1st Amendment or 2nd. 60% hate Capitalism and want Bernie Sanders. They believe speech that they disagree with should be banned and they’ll have the votes to appoint Supreme Court Justices or pass laws to limit speech to get their agenda done.
This is why immigration is so important because it affects demographics which affects voting. Uncontrolled immigration is demographic gerrymandering.It changes society by using foreign citizens to get votes for policies you otherwise could not pass. It goes against self-determination. Like Trump said, “If we don’t have a border then we don’t have a nation” He is 100% correct. If there is no will to change our immigration policy because of muh racism or muh compassion then we won’t have a nation in a generation or two.


Soviet Union also collapsed because of government corruption, ethnic tensions, overspending on military / weakening military and economic problems.
This is the truth folks. The problems we see today are nation breaking and no one wants to admit it because of muh compassion, muh racism, and muh free trade.

One More Thing

As the KGB spy said, the first step to subversion is demoralization and we already have that with: white guilt, white privilege, hating America, it's people (military, Police) and it's values (Bill of Rights-Free Speach)
The Tea Party, gridlock, BLM, OWS, Trump and Sanders these are all signs that society is breaking down.
The second step destabilization: economy, foreign policy and defense systems. The economy is in the worst shape ever: Medium household income has not risen in 20 yearsFed Interest Rate has been at almost 0% since the 2007 crash In roughly 5-10 years Moore’s law will end and it’ll probably create a recession. When this bubble pops there won’t be much the government will be able to do. Unemployment will skyrocket. Especially because so many jobs have moved overseas and China’s GDP will overtake America by 2025 as well giving them more leverage. Domestic defense systems will be weak because of increased radical tensions and terrorism.
Because of the subversion massive amount of people will have problems ending free trade, securing the border, policing mosques. If economic crisis causes austerity and the government cuts welfare to the poor then that'll further create social tensions. The cultural marxism pits everyone against each other based on race and skin color. It's really bad.

This is why I really hope Trump wins. He is the last hope we have of fixing our problems peacefully.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Do non-whites really want to start a war with Europeans-whites?

Source: Unknown

"I’m not a Nazi by any means, but I cannot understand how anyone could look at the history of the white race and then proceed to fuck with them in any way.

For roughly 2000 years the Europeans did nothing but fight each other tooth and nail constantly. When they got tired of that, they left their continent just to look for things to fight. After they were done fighting in every jungle, desert and mountain, on every continent, they got right back to fighting each other again in the two most destructive wars ever witnessed in history. Whites descend primarily from absolutely ruthless and cunning killers. Why would you pick a fight with a man who has the blood of an entire army of genocidal maniacs running through his veins?

I mean, when you’re dealing with people whose violence is beyond comprehension and scale when it’s directed at themselves, how well do non-whites expect to be treated when they aren’t on good terms?

I mean, for fucks sake, the last time white people got angry at a non-white race---like, really genuinely angry---they split the atom, opening up an entire new era of science and incinerated 150,000 people before they could have breakfast, ruining the lineage of the survivors for decades to come.

Then they did it again a few days later for no reason.

Seriously. Do not fuck with white people."

Saturday, June 4, 2016