Monday, May 18, 2015

Anonymous messages against white genocide from the internet, installment #1: "Sam K" argues for segregation

Source: comment on Daily Stormer

Separation of the races, ie, the natural state of things, is only good for Whites.
For any other race it is bad: They lose out on White technology and innovation, they lose out on welfare, they lose out on the ability to exsanguinate a healthy host. (Guess the three races I mentioned)
Separation of the races must occur and with violence if necessary because our race must not perish.
Out of every race, our race has created the most, our race, the White race, has more legitimacy on this planet than any other.
Yet we are muzzled with hate speech laws, people who oppose our own genocide are thrown into Jewish run prisons, the other races see us and our cities and infrastructure as fair game to be colonized.
Wake up fellow Whites, we are a unique and special people and we did not evolve to be trodden all over like doormats.
We are great inventors, warriors, philosophers, scientists, workers. Our people developed over thousands of years a way to obtain freedom through the spiritual and material.
Do not let the false doctrine of racial equality blind you so as to let our own race be overrun by foreigners.
We built what we have achieved, all of us, and we have every right to defend it.
The battle is in the mind, and our most powerful enemy, the Jew, is well on the way to obliterating our mind and therefore entire race without even raising a gun.
It is time to reclaim our minds and grasp clarity, and see the world as it plainly is.

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