Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Anonymous messages against white genocide from the internet, installment #2: "Ludendorff" with a message to white men (regarding statistics showing 70% of suicides in America are white males)

Ludendorff June 8, 2015 at 6:47 pm

It’s tough for many While men, many don’t even know there are others, like us, who are fighting for our race’s future. Many have resigned themselves to the mainstream’s established dogma and lose themselves in the process. For White men, the Aryan men, a life of meaningless materialism, without a higher purpose is pointless.
Our time, here in this era, is probably one of the most crucial periods in our race’s existence, it’s do or die. Do not kill yourself, your people need you. Hell, if you feel like shit, know that most of us feel that way and we need to support one another in this war, for we are at war, this is no game.
Think of all our ancestors have sacrificed, built and done to have you here today. We are an extended European family, we must protect, fight and advocate for our race’s future. Each one of you matter, don’t throw away your life for that is what our enemies want, defy them!

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