Monday, January 25, 2016

Excellent comment on the solution to the attack on the white-European nations: REPENT and return to the Heavenly Father! This is the only way!

Source: Comments at Infowars

John -  January 25, 2016

My guess or intuition is that people are so awake now that in order to protect themselves the shadow governments (central banks and intelligence agencies and military industrial complex with their puppet politicians) are going to start WW3. I truly do not see another USA president getting inaugurated in 2017. Unless it were Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, or Ted Cruz, Fat Christie, or Rubio Rubenstein, which it won't be, there's too much for them to lose. We are living in a bizarre scripted reality. I truly believe unless people who claim Christ as their Lord get down on their knees and repent of all the sin we've accepted or adopted after being enticed to sin through Hollywood and even Obama (making homosexual marriage - "people who love each other" - a point of his State of the Union) applauding "sodomites" in his SOTU, the curses will continue to be poured out on our nations. Aside from local news about local happenings and maybe some benign game shows, the television truly is propagating erroneous, i.e. sinful, ways of living. Take all the most popular shows and it's sexual promiscuity, drugs (including alcohol abuse), violence. Paul said it is shameful to even speak of what the wicked do in private but now we watch it as a form of entertainment and become acclimated to it. We either need censorship laws that prohibit obscenity and tv shows that use power of suggestion to encourage immoral lifestyles, or everyone has to turn off the television and be their own porn/smut filter. Censor your own television and pc monitor and smartphone. Once we become righteous again, the invisible forces of GOD will battle for us. These goings on in the world are just too crazy and bizarre not to be the work of demons in Satan's kingdom in the invisible realm. You do remember that the "greatest generation" of WW2 wasn't watching porn and sitting around getting high on drugs, correct? I don't have a lot of faith in this generation unless they put down the drugs and stop watching porn and return to GOD.

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