Monday, June 6, 2016

Do non-whites really want to start a war with Europeans-whites?

Source: Unknown

"I’m not a Nazi by any means, but I cannot understand how anyone could look at the history of the white race and then proceed to fuck with them in any way.

For roughly 2000 years the Europeans did nothing but fight each other tooth and nail constantly. When they got tired of that, they left their continent just to look for things to fight. After they were done fighting in every jungle, desert and mountain, on every continent, they got right back to fighting each other again in the two most destructive wars ever witnessed in history. Whites descend primarily from absolutely ruthless and cunning killers. Why would you pick a fight with a man who has the blood of an entire army of genocidal maniacs running through his veins?

I mean, when you’re dealing with people whose violence is beyond comprehension and scale when it’s directed at themselves, how well do non-whites expect to be treated when they aren’t on good terms?

I mean, for fucks sake, the last time white people got angry at a non-white race---like, really genuinely angry---they split the atom, opening up an entire new era of science and incinerated 150,000 people before they could have breakfast, ruining the lineage of the survivors for decades to come.

Then they did it again a few days later for no reason.

Seriously. Do not fuck with white people."

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